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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news >> at 6:00 a.m. a young adult is that after a shooting on school grounds and san leandro. we are live on the scene as investigators gather evidence. police arrest the santa clara man for having explosives and his house, a threat aimed at a california senator. at a new overnight, and pt olympic sprinter at oscar pistorius charge of the murder of his girlfriend was foul shot dead in his house. >> let's start with a check of the forecast. >> today and the afternoon highs we are talking upper '60's, low '70's. it will be cooler along the peninsula. it will be pretty pleasant out there, gorgeous weather
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and sunshine. temperatures will drop as we headed to 8:00 p.m. tonight, is still talking '50s for most of us. court is whether and unseasonably warm conditions will continue for the next couple of days. i will highlight the changes in our forecast coming up in our next report. >> i'm getting word of an accident on the east shore freeway at interstate 80. is it not commute direction eastbound at mcdonald. it appears as though a car stalled in the fast lane, carpool lane and that was struck. the sensors just updated to show traffic is now starting to back up and the westbound direction. we're looking at a potential hot spot for interstate 80 because of an accident and the opposite direction. >> 6:01 a.m. and are developing stories in the east bay where there is a deadly shooting at an elementary school and san leandro. jackie sissel is our sole reporter live on
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the scene. good morning jackie >> good morning darya. crime scene investigators from the alameda county shares apartment remain out here. route 8:45 p.m. last night and unincorporated san leandro on the 15,000 lot of marcella on the school grounds of those let elementary school, as ever was called out to the scene of a shooting. they did find one victim who had been shot. he was transferred to the medical center where he died of his injuries. we do not have a lot of information at this time. we're being told it is a young adults. we do not know what led up to the shooting. we are expecting a spokesman from the alameda county sheriff's department within ourselves so we can get more details. as far as school goes, i've been on the schools website as well as
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that lorenzo's unified district website. we have no indication whether or not school is to be in session. school is supposed to start at 755 this morning. i obviously students and parents and teachers and staff are waiting to hear whether not there will be school. all those questions should be answered in the next half-hour or sell. >> people are waiting so stay tuned to kron4 to find out at this school does indeed have session today. >> another story we're following is at about a 45 year old santa clara man for having explosives and dazzle in making a threat against a state senator. mike pelton is standing by in santa clara with the latest on the investigation. it looks like chp is still there in the area is still taped off. >> yes, they found a couple
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of its lows of devices and sent a clear and that they did want earlier this week. the second one that will blow up later. officers are still sitting outside the home, you can still see police tape of or on the scene. authorities found what they described as a reusable bomb inside the home. this morning they will blow it up inside a trailer inside a container to control the blast. they arrested a man who lives here, 45 year-old everett on thursday. the search the home and began finding explosive devices. >> if that is carried have this happen in your neighborhood. that's why i police, people the protection of society. >> the last of clothes a device they blew up in the front yard, you could see
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some of the sandbags. this one that will do in a trailer, they want to keep it safe. it should happen later on this morning. >> thank you for the update. >> olympic sprinter at oscar pistorius, the npt known as the blade runner has been charged with murder after his third year-old girlfriend was shot dead at his home and south africa. what she is now being identified as a model reeva steenkamp. police say pistorius was taken into custody after the shooting earlier today. it happened at his home at the complex and the country's capital. authorities stated she had been shot multiple times. pistorius made history last year at the london olympics became the first double of you to render to compete on the track at the games.
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this video is coming in of the store is being transported from is known to the police station. he is expected to be in court right now. several south african media outlets say they oeneus mistaken her for a burglar. we will give you more informations as soon as we get it. we will be back as the kron4 morning news continues. they're waiting for the car will try of which has been disabled. they're trying get those 4000 passengers who were dealing with horrible conditions off the ship.
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>> the warrant but it's amber desire hathaway, 3 g capital to buy-ins for $28 billion including debt. we're seeing hineses stock jumped up and trading. new this morning, american airlines and u.s. airways have announced they will join forces to create the world's largest airline. the new carrier will keep the name american airlines. it will be run by the u.s. airways ceo of the parker
6:12 am
while american airlines ceo tom horton will become chairman. this deal has been in the works since august when creditors forced american airlines to consider a merger. the merger of american and u.s. airways will be slight bit bigger than united airlines. >> the current cruise ship that has been without power since a fire at its engine room is expected to report today and will will alabama. the cut will triumph is being towed from where it broke down in the gulf of mexico. more than four dozen people on board. carvel cruise lines says it is canceling another 12 voyages for the disabled ship. the cruises aboard the triumph were taken to placto take placem february 21st of their april 13th. passengers will be fully refunded at get discounts on future cruises.
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a future cruise probably would not sound so good at this point. >> expect more stories to come to light once they get off that cruise ship and start telling their tales. it is foggy over the city right now, fog is in other parts of the bay as well. erica will have your forecast in a minute and george will keep an eye on a growing problem in the east bay, we will find out if it is a hot spot. you can't move the tv there.
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why would you want a tv in the closet? [ both laugh ] ♪ [ fancy voice ] brilliant idea, darling. ♪ [ female announcer ] the wireless receiver. get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> welcome back, the time is 6:14 a.m.. we're watching a developing hot spot on the east shore freeway. an accident occurred in the east on direction, but not commute side of interstate 80. for a while all lanes were blocked. a stalled car turned into a crash when it stopped in the carpool lane in was struck from behind. i just spoke with the chp and they tell me they have cleared all of the lanes. they even cleared the emergency vehicles. the cause of this westbound back up looks as though it just disappeared. the drive time currently is 17 minutes. it
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is not that bad. it is likely we will see things recover before the commute gets into full swing. right now the potential does exist for this to become the beginning of a major westbound back up. again, all lanes on the east on its lanes are clear. the bay bridge toll plaza ride with the thought of advisory and place, the metering lights and are even activated. drive times are between 14 and 16 minutes. the san mateo bridge, 92 we are looking at 0 delays with 11 minute commute time. the golden gate bridge ride is an easy one, foggy but better visibility at the bay bridge. after a good start, based train no. 1 is now delayed between five and eight minutes coming in from the central valley. mada
6:18 am
>> we are starting off at a very foggy morning. you would think when the was the big story with his camera's shaking around. we are at 0 visibility for nevado, three tenths of a mile for santa rosa and napa up. and earlier this morning we saw some bids at fog all around as at all. that is no longer the case. visibility is as zero driving our mt. view at three tenths of a mile. allow yourself extra time on the roads and but temperatures will stay on. yesterday we had below the freezing mark, i do not think it will be the case today. highlight some of the cooler spot for you, santa rosa 43, 41 hayward, 47 san francisco. palin the numbers of the course of today you could see on future cast four. chances are your under the green indicating 60s. there are some seventies santa rosa. 2:00 p.m. we
6:19 am
will see some 74 napa up, mid to upper 60s for just about everyone else. another gorgeous day ahead with temperatures above average. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, if you have valentine's day plans it will be mild with temperatures in the fifties and low 60s. after an highs in your neighborhood, today seven these are the norm. that is the case of the south bay, evergreen 70, cupertino and los gatos. palo alto at 69 degrees, 71 fairfield, of vallejo 67, 66 san leandro, 65 downtown stamford's 7 day around the bay as dell, 61 santa thebay forecast highlights was the cloud cover saturday and sunday and the temperature will start to
6:20 am
drop. we're still above average as we start the next work week with more in cloud cover. we turn a corner tuesday into wednesday, cold front will bring a light rain into the bay area. snow levels will drag down to 3,500 ft., we could see a light dusting of snow in higher elevations. >> watching wall street and the dow jones industrial average and able to sustain the rally above 14,000. the dow dropping 36 points to 13,982. mcdonald's dragging down the dial as the biggest decliner of the dow 30 stocks, losing $1.10 to $94. it looks like a drug in early trading, but the dow futures down 63 after a news reports from gm and pepsico this morning. league for the weekly unemployment numbers at 530. . that ally merger
6:21 am
between america and in u.s. air is all the top of the business world today. value at $11 billion, we're now down to four major u.s. carriers. >> the mother of the can get away held hostage in that alabama banker for nearly a week this month is that talking for the first time of her family's experience as the address on appeared on dr. phil yesterday. for six days, five year-old ethan was held hostage in a bunker 4 ft. below the ground. he was being held by jimmy lee dykes. the next shot and killed even a bus driver childs of poland back on january 29th. what one gets or on the bus and were able to escape but not even. on wednesday is dr. phil
6:22 am
television show, even as mother jennifer explain why her son did not get away. >> when he saw mr. pollack shot, even passed out. mr. dykes went out to catch him and pick them up and i think it his own way, he was trying to care for him. >> an fbi hostage rescue team practiced rating at nearby mount barker what officials felt the x mental state was too dangerous, the rescue team rated the real bunker. they shot and killed bags and freed even. >> we're still waiting for the definitive confirmation of the remains on and i haven't and stand ready the mountains do in fact belong to suspect a cop killer christopher dorner. this was a scene where the issue out and authorities led to a fire at the cabin. and the police at the buying claims of the fire was intentionally set. is it was
6:23 am
caused by tear gas canisters. a couple spoke publicly about their ordeal when they discover christopher dorner and their cabin. then the >> he talked to us is that very frequently he would not kill us. that is exactly how he said it. he demanded the boat in san diego >> he said at he would kill us all. >> he said he needed transportation out of big bear. >> the couple managed to free themselves then called police to track the border and the couple's car to the second cabin where he held his final standoff. they say they were victims. the person >> the first thing we would like to clarify is that we
6:24 am
were the back beat drums that were with him yesterday. our housekeeper's were not involved at all. he never saw them. >> the couples are clearing because it was never cleared and the many people were taken. the sherpa sambar the up county now putting the holding the rest saying the whole thing is over. the danger to all those police officers they believe, has passed. we're getting our first look at one of the officers that was killed in the shoot out with dorner on tuesday night. the victim was a 35 year old detective jeremiah mackay. he was a member of this year's agreement for 15 years. he was married and has two children. at the time the
6:25 am
shooting, mackay was on assignment as a detective with a big bear station. . . >> we'll be back at a moment >> we'll be back at a moment with an get 36 months interest-free financing and save up to $500 on beautyrest and posturepedic. >> we'll be back at a moment with an get a sealy queen set for just $399. even get 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. but only through presidents' day at sleep train.
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[ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. >> we are back as 6:45 a.m.,
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the weather outside is pretty funny are relatively clear. current temperatures and there still are about 40 degrees, it will be a little cooler this morning. we are all expected to enjoy springlike weather this afternoon. some places will reach the '70s and we can't get enough of that. and the report says nearly 6 million women in the u.s. have used the morning after pill at least once in their lives. the national center for health statistics say half the women, ages 15 to 44, used the pill after fears their breath control may have failed. the rest city had unprotected sex. this is the first report of emergency contraception. the morning after balcony use up to five days after indecorous but experts say there are plenty of obstacles to widespread use. >> their 20 million new
6:29 am
sexaul transmitted diseases and the united states every year. the cost around $16 billion to treat them. that's according to the new numbers by the cdc. have all new infections occur in young adults ages 15 through 24. about 40 million cases and all eight pp. >> dow futures down about 40 points right now, we will have more free with the points right now, we will have more free with the kron4 morning news returns growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year
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when you bundle tv and internet. to blend our sweet sausages with our savory spices. some people see a hickory and think, cabinet. we see a hickory and think, gumbo. hillshire farm.. because it's worth doing right. amon >> welcome back, the dog that when the westminster dog show ring in the opening bell this morning. large and have a way but hines and the merger of u.s. airways,
6:32 am
american and dow futures badown 47 points right now. called on to that dog. >> we want that over two san leandro where police are investigating a deadly shooting at an elementary school. jackie sissel is joining us live from the crime scene. bring this up to speed, what happened? >> there is some new ever risen from the alameda county sheriff's apartment. the hillside elementary school will be closed for the day. there will be no school. the shooting took place last night out here. there is still a few details, we are open to get a full briefing in a few minutes. what we know is around 8:45 p.m. last night i will be the county's air support received a call that a shooting happened on the 50,000 lot of marcello. they
6:33 am
came to hillside elementary school in the came out here they found one victim with a gunshot wound. he was transported to even medical center where he died for me his injuries. -- from. is that it will be out here for some time. at the shooting took place on school grounds so because of that, there will be no school today. if you are a student, you teach, or are part of the staff there will be no school today. the investigation continues and as more information comes out we will pass it along. once again the house i elementary school closed today because of a shooting that happened last night. >> as as we learn more we will bring it to you here on kron4.
6:34 am
>> we are waking up to some fog, we will certainly see sunshine later on this afternoon bell. >> it will be pretty pleasant out there, remember we're in the middle of february. temperatures above the seasonal averages. right now we have areas of dense fog and temperatures of the 30's and 40's. later on tonight, mostly clear skies with temperatures going back down to the '50s. i looked out by your extended forecast to my next report. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is cleared with the driving advisory is still led the fight for this band. the backup is growing and we see an 18 to 20 minutes drive time. light to moderate conditions for the east bay, south bay's still looks good. we are problem free for the peninsula and north bay rights. >> president obama is hitting the road campaign style today to try and push the agenda he but ford in
6:35 am
tuesday's state of the union address. today is making is taking his plans to expand preschool programs. the president is travel to georgia to pitch his plan. the plans to increase and preserve our options for prekindergarten children comes as president obama scene is went as well happen if leaders do not bart $85 billion in automatic budget cuts. those cuts will and that domestic programs and national security. >> this morning we are hearing from a man whose family owns the camp at where christopher daughter's body is believed to have been found. kyle martin's family have the cabinet since 2004. they rented it out often for their family business. for nearly a week, i'll have been watching the man not play out on tv. what does that started tuesday, kyle's sister text it him to tell him swat teams were at their road at their cabin. what
6:36 am
did you think when you saw your cabin, your cabin burning on live tv? >> it's kind of funny because we first heard it, i was in the car listened to the radio. it was kind of surreal. when i finally got home, i turn on the seas just as the burning. yet, it kind of it home. you know, memories. after about i'd say, five minutes ago and the sun again, and wheat just look like it's going threadlike, the nation is watching our cabins burn. >> this is not the first time police had been to kyle's cabin. in fact, they had just been there, two days before the fire. the scathing is, at the time kyle's our love for staying at the cabin. >> the american civil liberties union is concerned drones could be used to spy on people in their homes.
6:37 am
supervisors with the lme county sheriff's department say they secured a $34,000 grant to implement this aerial surveillance program. is that once the is an unmanned aircraft systems and missing persons cases, hostage situations, plane crashes, and areas where it is difficult for law enforcement to gain access. its share of the public protection committee is extremely concerned about these drove by way before the committee at a minute which guides the is a reasonable search and seizure. tell me the county will be the first county in california to approve a program like this. >> primarily am more concerned with the fourth amendment. want to let the cat out of the bag, you will not get back again. we have cameras, helicopters we have lots of other methodology. he ththe
6:38 am
>> the mother of one of the victims of speed freak killers as file a lawsuit against a san joaquin a share of and all but the search for her daughter's remains. joan shelley says one of these ads operating a backhoe was examining the remains of her daughter, and jo andann hobson. a lawsuit claims the use of tobacco top up-and-coming older daughter's balance with those of other victims of those remains were recovered in linden last year. the lawsuit seeks unspecified damages for negligence and emotional distress. this is a bargain as it is as the of the i have a was search for additional victims.
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mo >> 6:04 a.m. and heavy rains caused a large it sinkhole to form a at a park and dorothy county georgia. that is in the southern region of the state. you can see how this in coleslaw large trees and the park. crews are still working to pump water out of flooded areas. officials are also tried to lower the level of holding ponds that filled to the brim. >> take a look at this, please at humboldt county made quite the discovery this week. more than a hundred weapons were found hidden in a cave on a man's
6:43 am
property. police say they were searching the 55 a. property because the owner was arrested earlier this month. the collection included a our 15th, sought of shotguns and bayonets. police say they can't be of any other reason to possesses many weapons unless you're many a small militia. i thought astronomerastronomerso their telescopes is staring skyward tomorrow as a large asteroid makes a close trip past the hour. these and has a radar images and illustrations of the asteroid d a a 14. the 150 m diameter rockets would have to close at, it will be closer than some satellites. nasa says it will be the best opportunity ever to monitor a near miss by an object so large, and learn more about the asteroid have a prediction. the need to worry though, as the
6:44 am
scientists say it will definitely not hit the globe. astronomers say the asteroid this size would cause an explosive equivalent to two and a half ton megaton bomb.
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6:47 am
>> we are back at 6:45 a.m. and authorities have all arrested the 45 year-old santa clara man for having explosives in his home. police say was a threat against a state senator at leland yee. the bomb squad detonated some of the explosives. the chp will blow up the rest of the close of this morning. a young man was shot on a campus at school and san leandro. investigators are now at that school looking for clues. they will be there for awhile, classes' have been cancelled today. this is the first homicide of the year for the lme that sheriff's office. olympic sprinter oscar the
6:48 am
store has been charged with the murder of his third year-old girlfriend was shot dead in his home in south africa. police say pistorius, a double amputee known as blade runner was taken into custody after the shooting earlier today. the woman, model reeva steenkamp had been shot multiple times. >> it is shaking up to beat a guard as valentine's day. the wind is not the big story, it is fog, we have plenty of it. visibility is down to a mile and about and santa rosa. half mile around milton view. drive with extra caution but a lot of the fog has started to slip back. it is not too bad at the bay bridge toll plaza or the golden gate bridge. temperatures are not as cold right now as they were 24 years at 24 of hours ago.
6:49 am
future cast for tracking the temps today, but low clouds 60s are just about everywhere. it will be pretty pleasant, early today. because the low seventies developed for santa rosa added to 2:00 p.m. fantastic weather is a have us. by 8:00 p.m. tonight we will go back down to the '50s and '60s. it will be a beautiful day in the bay area. it will feel like spring, maybe some time for a few of us. 70 percent and cupertino, milpitas 70, 70 evergreen. there fell 71, 66 san leandro, the san francisco 65, 65 san rafael. 64, al mead of. 7 day around
6:50 am
the bay forecast shows the stretch of nice weather lasted into the weekend. a cold front will bring light raid into the bay area beginning tuesday morning. 6:48 a.m. and here is george with traffic. >> we continue to monitor a hot spot free ride around the bay area. a look of the ride to the bay bridge at which is backed up a little more than usual this morning, 18 to 20 minutes now. what it buys is in place and it is possible they may have slowed the metering lights. we and i had any incidents reported on the bridge. the san mateo bridge 92, still a good ride. 12 minutes over to foster city. the golden gate bridge at, no problems with the commute southbound. looking at the traffic maps, estimated drive times at 16 minutes hercules to berkeley. we lost some of the delay that occurred when we had the eastbound
6:51 am
accident at mcdonald. scilicet for the san ramon valley commute, westbound interstate 580 have is that all the mob. a little slowing in the guadalupe parkway and 1 01 and south bay. the ride 1 01 from marin county, there is slowing at the county line and a little north of central san revell. drive times and still under 30 minutes from the bottle to the going gate bridge. >> mississippi tops the list of most religious states once again. that is according to a new gallup poll. is there right down to the person mississippi residents consider themselves very religious. you taught at alabama tied for second in the poll with 56 percent. the lees live as a was vermont. dallas suggest something about a state's culture and history may be the reason behind a religious its residents are. >> watching wall street this
6:52 am
morning the dow jones industrial average dropped. we did better than expected with the americans filing for unemployment. bertrand hathaway bought behinds and there's a merger with american and u.s. errors. the dow keeps getting of the 14,000 market to throw away. we're down 20 points. >> would dallas are animals are your valentone in five amerl give they're not human companions at gift on valentine's day is spending a collective 815 million on valentine's day goodies for their pets. this according to a new survey from the national retail federation. at another survey, the american pet products
6:53 am
association says pet owners have even treated fish, horses and a small animals to valentine's day guest. would you be spending money on your pet this year for valentine's day? we posted this? kron4 facebook page. pretty sad is now, they make out of thanksgiving and christmas though. maria rights of course, but only like $10 on the valentine's day bo cards for dogs. cathy's as i got my two jobs at a valentine's dresses. i earlier mark was reading a story about how a lot of people propose on valentine's day. i saw i shall allow the people break up on valentine's day because they are cheap. they break up so they can avoid
6:54 am
all that. christmas is a big break up time to. >> does and facebook page kron4 .com. a lot of people like to propose on valentine's day according to american express. 6 million americans at expecting are planning to get engaged today, 2 million more than last year. american express suggest americans are starting to be more of but optimistic about the economy and are taking the next light step. it will not be cheap to pop the question though, the average price or bring to seal the deal is at around $2,400. >> that is the ring. it's good to be a whole lot more money after that. (laughter) 6:52 a.m. and we will be
6:55 am
back with more in just a couple of minutes.
6:56 am
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>> from father other ride to cheaper by the dozen the man has pleaded that several times of the big screen is finally a father himself! steve martin is now a first time dad. the 67 year-old actor and his 41 year old wife anne what a baby back in december. the birth was a secret until now. still no word on whether its a boycott or girl though. he will notice what to do. >> springlike weather continues thursday and to friday with temperatures still in the mid to upper 60s for are advertised. overnight, not terrible we will get into the mid-40s
6:59 am
around the bay, a little cooler and land. all in all, great looking afternoons. >> of some of the stories we're working on a deadly shooting out elementary school grounds and san leandro. the school is closed for the day. we'll have details and a live report coming out. the model girlfriend of the olympic sprinter is dead and he is being charged with the murder, the blade runner. we will have details on what happened. plus waiting for the carnival cruise ships' return and mobile alabama. this ship was stranded out at sea with more than a thousand people on board. it is finally being towed into port this morning. we will be back in just a few minutes when the kron4 morning news continues.

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